Common Questions

How long until I receive proofs?

Within approximately one week.

Will portraits look like the proof?

No, proofs are not colour corrected or touched up. The proof is for expression only. The cropping of the image will change depending on the size of the photos ordered. Please refer to cropping samples here.

What retouching is standard?

Noticeable blemishes, scabs and flash in glasses are standard touch-ups. We do not touch-up birthmarks unless requested.

How long until I receive my final portraits?

Approximately 10 business days from the order return date


You can still order your photos online using the Access Code from your proof. Do not send any late orders to the school as we only pick up the orders once.

How does the family Plan Work?

If you have 3 or more children attending THIS school, you may use the FAMILY PLAN. The first 2 students pay full price. There is no charge for your additional children.

IMPORTANT: A SEPARATE Photo Order Envelope and a SEPARATE Family Plan Discount Coupon is required for each student receiving a complimentary package.

Enclose one coupon in an Order Envelope for EACH student who qualifies for the complimentary package.

Please return each child’s envelope to THEIR OWN TEACHER. DO NOT return all envelopes to the same teacher.

All students on the Family Plan must order packages or products of equal value.

Obtain Family coupons from the school’s office.

Will the background that I select look exactly like the sample on the online ordering page or website?

No, not necessarily, every computer monitor is calibrated differently and that will affect the exact tone or colour of the background. If you want to see an accurate example of the background please refer to the display poster at your school.

How do I crop an image online to complete my order?

The cropping currently is ONLY available through a computer or laptop (full website version) and not available through a cell phone or tablet. This will be updated in future builds of the online platform.

Once you have selected a product/package and in the area where a background is selected, this is where the cropping bottom in the top right corner will be located. You can crop each “sheet” individually and fully customize your experience.


Can I only order online or can I order through the order envelope provided with the sample proof received through the school after photo day?

You can order through the order envelope if you want to pay by cash or cheque. You can still go to our online store to view the many background choices and see what your child’s image will look like in front of each. This will help you make the most educated background selection. Please make sure the order is back to the school or submitted online by the due date to avoid any late fee penalty.

If My child attends the retake and I prefer the original photos, can I order them instead?

No, once a student attends the retake session their main photo day portraits are REPLACED in our system and we can no longer offer the main photo day portraits for purchase.