Yes! Photo Day can happen safely during COVID 19

Like many businesses, Darby Photos has been dramatically affected by COVID19. We have spent countless hours fine tuning new policies and procedures to  safely return to operations under the current health and safety guidelines.

We have had the ability to run our new system with great success over July with several community sport groups. We have made online ordering an option for leagues to reduce common touch points at the photo session. We have developed new products for the sport market to allow leagues to continue to provide a “keepsake photograph” from the season while not photographing the traditional “team photo” that can not be completed in a socially distant way currently. We are utilizing the individual photos within these new products, please ask us for more details about these exciting products.

We feel it has never been more important than now to support the small local businesses. We appreciate photos might not be “top priority” for some leagues but we believe strongly in the continued tradition a yearly sport/school photo brings and the sense of “normal” that comes with a photo day. We all deserve to have a bit more “normal” in our current lives, a socially distant, sanitized version currently! We hope you share this same opinion.

Ask us for details on how we can host a photo session for your league, school or community activity. We can customize our procedures to ensure everyone stays safe in your unique environment during the session.

Thank you for your continued support of Darby Photos.

Darby Photos will always look out for the health and safety of your child. Please view our Photo Day COVID19 Safety Procedures


Darby Photos is based out of the lower mainland and does work all throughout British Columbia.   We provide exceptional local service, competitive priced products and a large product line.

We take the stress out of Photo days by using a proven photo system & experienced staff. Your photo day will run smoothly and stay on schedule.  Your players will love our exciting custom products such as magazine covers, posters and calendars and their parents will love our prices

We deliver great service and exciting products

The Darby Photos Promise

At Darby Photos, we are committed to preserving your memories for a lifetime. We are family owned and operated, and take pride in providing outstanding customer service to each of our clients. We specialize in school and youth sports photography, and our staff enjoy working with children and are skilled at bringing out the best in each child. We strive to provide the quality and service that builds long lasting relationships with our clients.

As we are not a franchise or non-specialized company, we can custom-tailor our fundraising program, photo packages, and services to fit your individual needs.

Dedicated staff using the latest equipment

Our photographers are all full time employees and not hired on a seasonal basis. This allows for higher quality control and accountability to our customer.

We use the most cutting edge digital SLR (single lens reflex) cameras, state of the art retouching software, and print all of our  portraits and specialty products in-house on a fully digital photo processor/printer unique to British Columbia. Timeless memories with the help of state of the art technology.

In house printing

Darby Photos portraits are produced using the traditional wet process and the paper is developed and fixed using photographic chemicals. This means that unlike inkjet printing where the ink sits on top of the paper surface and ink colour can alter the reflective properties of the paper, all colour in the photographic print is locked away behind a top layer (like a laminate) and therefore have the same reflectivity. Using our printer, the paper receives the image via LED lights, that expose the paper as super high resolutions to create pixel-free images, with a huge range of colours and tonal quality.

Photo Packages Delivered to Date

Darby Photos makes team photos a snap

Our Turn-Key Photo day System

Darby Photos offers associations the ability to sit back and let us take care of most aspects of the photo day process through our “TURN-KEY SYSTEM”. click the  + signs below to find out  more

Only three tasks for the League Photo Coordinator

once you’ve contracted Darby Photos you will only have three things left to do:

  1. Book the photo venue
  2. Hand out the Darby Photos order envelopes (each team comes bound for each distribution to coaches or division managers)

On-line scheduling system

Tired of coordinating all of the photo timeslots for your teams? Darby Photos can help with our on-line photo session booking system. We’ll create a booking page for your league and all the coordinator has to do is send each team a link they can use to book a photo simeslot that work for their team. The system allows for for changes and will also send out reminders.

No League Volunteers Needed

On photo day, Darby Photos comes fully staffed and we do not require any league volunteers. Our staff are always positive, approachable and helpful. We take care of the photography, setting up of the team photo, organizing teams and ensuring we keep on schedule.
A Darby Photo photo day runs on time, every time because of our well trained staff and years of experience. The Darby Photo experience is truly unlike any other!

Easy Digital Team Photo Distribution

Once photo day is complete, the team photos will be added to a secure / password protected section of our website. The teams will be emailed a link and password instructions to get access to the team photos.
These photos are used for team websites, tournament programs, league websites, newspapers, year end coaches gifts, etc.
Traditionally the league would have the team photos on a CD and be responsible for making them available to teams through time consuming individual emails, not anymore! Darby Photos takes care of all the repetitive, time consuming, headache-causing work that can be associated with the photo day process.

Indoor or Out, Rain or Shine

Some leagues do not have access to indoor venues if the weather is wet. For these situations, we have invested in a full weather photography cover.

This cover shelters both individual and team photos from the wet weather while allowing the photographer to use the natural outdoor background of your local park. The photo day must go on!

Local Business Links

We work with a number of local businesses and some of them are so outstanding that we wanted to let you know about them.

True North Originals is a Custom Apparel/Clothing  Business.

Peace Arch Nurseries
This company has generously allowed us to host a couple different COVID SAFE photo sessions in their Growers Garden Centre in surrey.  Huge thanks and appreciation for this community support.

Providing outstanding service to each and every customer for over 25 years