What is a Memory Mate?

A memory mate is an individual portrait of the player and a team photo in a cardboard frame.

How do I order more than one memory mate?

The ONLY way to get two memory mates is to order the Additional Memory Mate on the order form, order code A2

Do I need to return an envelope on photo day if all I want is the memory mate?

Yes, every player must hand in an order envelope as they are photographed. This allows us to keep track of each image and allow for the possibility of reordering photos after photo day.

Can I order additional photos at a later date?

 Yes, the price is a bit more expensive, a reorder form is available here with prices.

How can I pay for photos?

Cash or Credit only.  (Visa or Mastercard)

Sorry, cheques are NOT ACCEPTED. We have had a large number or cheques that were returned without sufficient funds or the account was closed. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Change is available through our staff at the photo day venue.

Can I see my photos before ordering?

No, we use a prepay system but we 100% guarantee our products.

If you are unsatisfied for any reason, you can attend a retake day or receive a full refund with the return of the products.

How long after photo day will I receive my order?

We generally have the photos back to the league representative within 10 business days. The league then hands them to your coach, generally a quick process.

Does a photo come with the Bobble Head product?

No, this product is sold as a frame only. We suggest using a wallet size photo from a school portrait and cutting this photo to insert into the face. We do not supply a photo for this product as the actual face on your child’s sport image is not a head and shoulders portrait, the cropping needed for this product image.