Paul Darbyshire - COO

Paul has worked in the photo industry for over 30 years and has loved every moment of it. Being part of the process that captures and preserves milestones is a responsibility he is honored to be entrusted with. His goal is to inspire his staff each day to come to work and share his enthusiasm for this job. The moment the perfect smile comes across a kids face…”CLICK”… its makes him smile knowing our timing was perfect and that smile is preserved as a memory for that family! From the first email enquiring about the photo day session and what needs to happen to get started organizing, Paul is there to support customers through every step of the process. Paul is there through every single step to ensure that memories are captured and preserved for a lifetime.

Michael - Head Lab Technician & Sr Photographer

Mike has worked with Darby Photos for over 20 years. He has done every job we have and has mastered them all. Mike takes raw photos and turns them into portraits. It’s amazing to see his attention to detail and passion for his job. We are lucky to have Mike leading our team and our customers are lucky to have Mike playing a direct role in every portrait we print.

Darren - Client Engagement and Photography Specialist

Darren is the primary point of contact for many school and sport clients. In addition to his sales role you will find Darren working magic behind the camera! He has the unique ability to make a solid micro connection with each kid ahead of their photo. This connection can be seen in the great expressions he captures every time he takes a photo.  

Kathy Fitzpatrick - School Relations Manager

Kathy joined our team recently in April 2023 and brings a wealth of experience in the school photo industry to Darby Photos. Over the years, she has cultivated authentic genuine relationships within this industry, these relationships are her passion. Kathy’s warm smile and friendly demeanor brighten every environment she enters. We consider ourselves fortunate to have her as an invaluable member of our team.

Bryon - Customer Experience

Our photo sessions run like clock work largely because of Bryon. He is the one that spends countless hours ahead of each photo session ensuring everything is ready long before our photographer ever starts setting up the camera! Much of Bryon’s work is behind these scenes but very much front and centre every time our scanners beep and match an image to a name in our system. His work is the reason we can offer online galleries and have them ready for preview so fast.

Dakota - Photographer

Dakota adds a distinctive generational touch to the Darby Photo team. Her love for photography shines through, as does her genuine affection for working with children. Whenever Dakota is part of a photo day, you can be sure it will result in great expressions and happy kids.

Marcel - Photo Day Experience

Marcel is the person at many photo sessions that becomes the face of Darby Photos and works in the back area with the parents and kids. Marcel always has a smile on his face and it’s contagious! His ability to efficiently move large groups of parents and kids to and from the camera while never raising his voice is outstanding. Marcel has honed his craft to be the best in the business, Darby Photos is very fortunate to have him as a member of the team!

Kevin - Lab Assistant / On Site Staff Lead

Kevin works closely with Mike and under his direct guidance works to ensure every photo we take becomes a portrait. Kevin loves making kids smile and when not in the printing lab he can often be found at various photo sessions telling the kids jokes or making each feel at ease ahead of their photo being taken

George - Founder

George “was” Darby Photos originally and has gradually taken a back seat and watched the company flourish from semi-retirement! One of his retirement “hobbies” is coming into the office to enjoy a coffee with the staff and keeping a close eye ensuring his high standards continue to be met by enforcing the companies philosophy of True Customer Service. Old fashioned Customer Service is at the roots of Darby Photos and something George is very proud of.