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Yes! Photo Day can happen safely during COVID 19

Like many businesses, Darby Photos has been dramatically affected by COVID19. We have spent countless hours fine tuning new policies and procedures to  safely return to operations under the current health and safety guidelines.

Darby Photos have run our new system with great success over this past year with many community sport groups and schools. We have made online ordering an option for leagues to reduce common touch points at the photo session. We have developed new composite group photo products for the sport and school markets that allow for the creation of stunning group photos while respecting social distance guideline.

It has never been more important to support small local businesses. We appreciate photos might not be “top priority” for some leagues but we believe strongly in the continued tradition a yearly sport/school photo and the sense of “normal” that comes with a photo day. We all deserve to have a bit more “normal” in our current lives, a socially distant, sanitized version currently! We hope you share this same opinion.

Ask us for details on how we can host a photo session for your league, school or community activity. We can customize our procedures to ensure everyone stays safe in your unique environment during the session.

Thank you for your continued support of Darby Photos.